Love Where You Live

Scout is an interior design service that works at your pace and meets you where you are at. Stuck in how to move forward or achieve the look and feel that you want? Moving into something new and facing a blank slate? We like to take the intimidation and mystique out of interior design and help you create a beautiful space that you love.

Let’s chat! We can help you find the beauty in your space, and create an awesome room you can’t wait to walk in to. 


One Hour In-Home Consultation 

Let’s talk! Our one-hour In-Home Consultation is a time for us to get to know you and for you to get to know us. During your In-Home Consultation, be ready to talk about your dreams, likes, dislikes, vision and questions about the space you would like us to work on...we want in on the good stuff! It can be helpful, but not necessary, if you have looked online or through some magazines.  But if you haven’t, don’t worry; we specialize in inspiration and can help you with your next step.  We can use the time to choose paint colors, to decide on finishes and fixtures, to pick furniture, or simply to discuss your plans and to create a vision for your space.  

Following our In-Home Consultation, you can decide the direction you would like to go.  You might feel empowered and ready to tackle things on your own.  Or you can choose to hire a Scout designer to assist you in moving forward together.  Scout will give you an estimated number of design hours your project will take based on your individual needs and priorities.

Design Hour Bundles                 

Let’s Get This Party Started With Design Hour Bundles.

If after the in-home consult you decide it’s love at first sight and you want more, our designers can be hired to keep going with your project. Scout designer hours can be booked in five-hour bundles.  

Based on your project plan, we can decide together what’s the best use of your designer’s time.  Scout designers are experienced in all areas of design: whether that is creating style boards for complete room makeovers, sourcing and choosing amazing pieces online, flea market hunting for those no-one-else-has-goods-like-these pieces, contacting and pricing vendors for quotes on larger scale work, or styling and organizing your final space.

Designer hours can be used for whatever is most helpful to you, and you can always add more hours to your bundle once your project has started.

Scout Style


Part of our job as Interior Designers is to get to know you so that we can help where you live reflect who you are. Our homes should be an extension of the things that are important to us and the things we love--a place where friends walk in and say, “Oh man this is so YOU!”. Though our stylists can create living spaces in many styles, we are particularly good at creating spaces that are beautiful and imperfect. Nobody wants to hang out in a scarily perfect space. We love mixing old and new, vintage and modern, and lean heavily toward organic and raw elements like woods, marbles and worn-in leather - but we don’t play boring. We like a little spunk with our swag...a little Brando with our Grant. Layered pieces that look like they have been collected through adventures, as opposed to one-stop catalog shopping, is the name of our game.